Online casinos continue to raise the bar in the gambling industry. With thousands of online sites available, there is stiff competition. For an online casino to survive, it must offer quality and top-notch gaming experiences to wagers.

Most casino sites have turned to providing bonuses as a mode of survival. This incentive is meant to generate traffic to an online casino by luring new gamblers and retaining older customers. For online bettors, bonuses provide a way of increasing your bankroll and uplifting your gaming mood. Here are some types of incentives that most top-rated online casinos offer.

Signup Bonuses

Just as the name implies, signup bonuses intend to attract new wagers. Most casinos advertise themselves by promising you some cash upon registering as a way of welcoming you aboard. These welcome bonuses might be in the form of virtual coins, cash, credits, and even points.

However, you should proceed with caution when registering for rewards. Most welcome bonuses are accompanied by terms and conditions, which you have to adhere to. Sign up bonuses in most cases aren’t withdrawable.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are the most known incentive for gamblers. Many Online casinos generously offer this bonus upon depositing a specific amount of cash into your betting account. Other sites even offer a cashback on the amount you deposit. Often you are required to play with the bonus amount before you are allowed to withdraw. These bonuses also contain conditions, which a gambler must read before placing a bet.

Loyalty Bonuses and Rewards

An ingenious method used by online casinos to retain its customers is by offering loyalty reward points and bonuses. After accumulation, such points can be redeemed for something else. The rewards also come in several ways. You can receive a gratuity by playing a certain number of games or playing a specific online game. Ensure that you stick to the terms for your bonus to be valid.